Sunday, August 19, 2018
Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal
The Swiss city of Lausanne blocked a Muslim couple's bid to become Swiss nationals over their refusal to shake hands with members of the opposite sex.
2018/8/18 - 22:00
Swiss journalist launches award to honor Islamophobic personalities
An anti-Islam Swiss journalist, known as «Il ghiro», has launched the «Swiss Stop Islam Award», to honor personalities against «Islamic colonization» in Switzerland.
2018/8/9 - 20:20
Swiss protesters hold anti-Trump rally
Anti-capitalist protesters have rallied across Switzerland to protest an upcoming visit by US President Donald Trump to take part in the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the Alpine town of Davos.
2018/1/24 - 23:00
Muslim clerics answer Swiss youth’s religious inquiries online
Ahlulbayt (as) Islamic and Cultural Center in Switzerland has begun holding online Q & A sessions to answer the religious questions of Swiss youth about Islam and its principles.
2017/3/15 - 16:01
After condemning attack at Zurich mosque:
Switzerland Islamic Council: Take Islamophobia seriously
The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland has issued a statement condemning Monday's shooting in a Zurich mosque and urging politicians and the media to "finally take Islamophobia seriously". The unnamed gunman had stabbed a former friend to death at a playground only the day before.
2016/12/21 - 19:05
۳ Injured in shooting at Swiss Islamic center
Suspect fired shots at worshipers at Islamic center of Zurich, Switzerland before fleeing scene, leaving victims seriously wounded. Witnesses described the gunman as a man aged about ۳۰ wearing dark clothes and a dark woolen cap
2016/12/20 - 19:45
Probe opened into suspected Swiss-based extremists
Switzerland has opened criminal proceedings against several people suspected of links to terrorist organizations, after morning raids at hundreds of homes in Germany.
2016/11/16 - 08:35
Swiss court upholds refusal of permit for Islamic kindergarten
The ruling highlights increasingly tense relations between traditionally Christian Swiss society and a Muslim minority.
2016/11/6 - 10:31
Burka ban for Muslims enforced in Switzerland with fines of up to £8000
New burka ban has been enforced in a Swiss canton, with one couple already being fined for defying it.
2016/7/7 - 18:16
Swiss school officials threaten to fine Muslim students for not shaking teachers’ hands
Religious belief is no excuse for refusing to shake a teacher’s hand, authorities in a northern Swiss region ruled, reversing one school’s controversial decision to grant exemptions for Muslim pupils unwilling to touch the opposite sex.
2016/5/26 - 20:10