Monday, April 22, 2019
Western tabloids condemned for 'humanizing' NZ mosque attacker
British and Australian tabloids describe Brenton Tarrant as an 'angelic boy' while showing childhood images of him.
2019/3/16 - 17:57
UK Muslim helps homeless people one wash at a time
A young British Muslim entrepreneur has raised the Christmas spirits in a small UK town by opening his launderette to the homeless and providing them free services and blankets.
2019/1/2 - 00:00
British Muslim organisations rally for proposed definition of Islamophobia
Muslim organisations across the UK are calling on political party leaders to adopt the definition of Islamophobia. This call comes after over ۷۰ academics publicly endorsed the definition proposed by the APPG.
2018/12/2 - 20:00
British Museum’s new gallery celebrates wonders of the Islamic world
As I walked into Room ۴۲ on the second floor of the British Museum in London recently, two massive stone engravings greeted me – a work with the word Bismillah (“In the name of God”) and the other featuring Ayatul Kursi (verse ۲۵۵ of Surah Al Baqarah, Quran ۲:۲۵۵).
2018/10/30 - 23:30
Non-Arab teenage girls who can recite Quran perfectly
Surrounded by girls almost twice her age, Hanan Saleem, ۷, recites the Quran flawlessly.
2018/8/16 - 00:00
British PM urges former foreign secretary to apologize for comment about Muslim women
British Prime Minister Theresa May has backed calls for Boris Johnson to apologize for saying Muslim women in burkas look like "bank robbers".
2018/8/9 - 07:00
Corbyn defends British MP who called for moving Israel to US
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn backed Naz Shah, a British member of parliament who was suspended from the party in ۲۰۱۶ for making anti-Israeli comments on social media.
2018/7/14 - 01:30
British far-right supporters join military-style camps with anti-Islam group
Young British far-right activists are travelling overseas for military-style training hosted by an anti-Islam group, according to a TV documentary.
2017/11/9 - 01:30
Qom's Friday Prayer Imam:
"British Shiism sowing discord among Muslims"
, Custodian of Lady Masuma (sa) shrine said: "Muslims are dealing with certain problems because they have been negligent of Quranic teachings and true Islamic values. Those who propagate division among Muslim nations are an example of British Shias whose sole purpose is nothing but to sow discord among Muslim sects and nations."
2017/8/9 - 18:25
Hujjat al-Islam Hosseini Kouhsari:
"Every scientific book must be reviewed and studied"
Head of Islamic Seminary’s Office for International Relations said in a meeting with a group of British Muslim scholars in Qom; “Iran does not only belong to Iranians, this is your home too and it belongs to you as well." "Engaging in more dialogues will enable us to solve critical issues in the Islamic world; every scientific book, written by a Shia or Sunni Muslim, must be reviewed and studied."
2017/7/29 - 16:30