Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Christians join Muslims for a dialogue, Iftar in Washington + Photos
On Sunday, a group of Christians joined the Muslims at Islamic Education Center of Washington to have a dialogue. Meanwhile they helped Muslims to prepare and distribute about ۱۰۰۰ Iftar.
2018/6/6 - 13:25
Muslims, Catholics break bread, build bridges
The 19th-annual Catholic-Muslim Iftar, sponsored by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, was held Monday night at the Zakat Foundation of America in Bridgeview.
2016/6/30 - 10:10
Annual Ramadan feast in Irvine is a blending of the faiths
Guests representing many faiths gather for the annual interfaith iftar at the Islamic Center of Irvine.
2016/6/29 - 16:59
Minnesota Faiths Break Barriers in Ramadan Iftar
Invited to break fast with the city’s Muslim community, residents of Mankato city in Minnesota attended the first iftar at Envision Labs, building relations between the religious group and the community at large.
2016/6/28 - 16:07
Catholic Church in Sharjah hosts ‘Iftar’ at Ramadan
In Sharjah, the St Michael’s Catholic Church on Wednesday hosted iftar, the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan, for some 500 laborers and other guests for the first time in its decades-long history.
2016/6/26 - 08:03
Breaking bread:
St. Louis Muslims invite public to share meal for Ramadan tradition
As many as 500 St. Louis area Muslims and non-Muslims are expected to share in food and faith traditions Thursday for a "Sharing Ramadan" event
2016/6/23 - 16:47
UK event in collaboration with Imam Hussein Holy Shrine brings together people of different background, faith
Under the slogan ‘respect and coexistence’, Scotland Yard partnered with Salam Forum and Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in welcoming guests from all backgrounds and religions to an iftar evening held at the premises of New Scotland Yard in London.
2016/6/19 - 15:51
Ohio Mosque Unites Faiths on Iftar
Muslim leaders in the Ohioan city of Hilliard invited Christians, Jews and Hindus to a special iftar on Thursday, June 16, sharing the spirits of the holy month of Ramadan and uniting in a prayer for the victims of hate crimes.
2016/6/18 - 10:41
Calgary Church Hosts Interfaith Ramadan Event To Make Syrian Refugees Feel At Home
Muslim and Christian volunteers came together in the kitchen to prepare Arab-inspired cuisine, including kebabs and traditional pastries. Dates were also on the menu, which many Muslims eat to break their fast before the iftar meal.
2016/6/18 - 08:23
Christians, Muslims share harmony of Ramadan in church iftar
“To Christians here, the holy month of Ramadan holds the same value of harmony, spreading peace and compassion, as to our brothers the Muslims,” the pastor David Rihani explained.
2016/6/16 - 08:05