Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Jamkaran mosque in Qom to host Itikaf
The holy Jamkaran Mosque in Qom, central Iran, will host the spiritual ritual of Itikaf (religious retreat) in the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan.
2018/5/21 - 18:30
Cultural Week of Qom in Lebanon;
Iran's ambassador to Lebanon: Resistance has made great achievements in region
Iran's ambassador to Lebanon said to the reporters at the exhibition: "Fortunately,after many efforts that were made by the officials of the two provinces of Nabatieh and Qom, we were able to hold an exhibition which has been welcomed greatly by people."
2018/5/21 - 00:00
The Representative of the Supreme Leader in Iraq:
Strengthening the relations between the seminaries of Qom and Najaf will neutralize the enemies’ conspiracies
Ayatollah Hoseyni added that there must be stronger relations between the Islamic Seminaries of Qom and Najaf and said, “In this case, the plans of the enemies, who want to create dissension between Qom and Najaf, will be thwarted.”
2018/5/15 - 09:00
Qom preacher: You must not trust the Europeans
Ayatollah Arafi stressed the need to pay attention to the dignity and authority of the country and stressed that the officials are expected to pay more attention to the recommendations of the Supreme Leader and not trust the Europeans.
2018/5/12 - 18:30
Iran Leader: unity, scientific progress, Muslim world’s main need today
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei referred to unity and progress in scientific fields as the most important need of the Islamic world today.
2018/5/12 - 15:34
Qom Friday Prayer Leader:
Iran to leave JCPOA and NPT if US leaves JCPOA
Ayatollah Hosseini-Bushehri reiterated that Iran "will definitely leave the JCPOA as well as the NPT if any partner in the JCPOA decides to leave it.
2018/4/28 - 11:15
Qom to host gathering of Hajj clerics
A national meeting of the clerics set to attend this year’s Hajj to help Iranian pilgrims in performing their Hajj rituals will be held in the holy city of Qom on Thursday.
2018/4/24 - 22:00
Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi:
Man must not fear the reproach of others in order to fulfill their divine duties
The head of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom stated that the person who fulfills his duties and commands to God must not be afraid of being reproached by others.
2018/4/20 - 23:30
Hujjat al-Islam Husseini Mughadam:
The International Quranic competitions for seminary students will be held in Qom
The General Head of Qom Organisation for Endowment and Charity Affairs announced that the second international Quranic competitions for the seminary students of the religious sciences will be held from ۲۱ to ۲۴ of April in Qom.
2018/4/18 - 23:00