Monday, September 24, 2018
Preacher training course planned in Oman
An educational course for preachers and imams of mosques is planned to be organized in Muscat, capital of Oman.
2018/9/12 - 21:00
Quran memorization contest for mothers planned in Oman
The third edition of a Quran memorization competition for mothers in Oman will be organized by the Cultural Committee of Rustaq city in northern part of the country.
2018/7/15 - 15:14
Online Quranic course planned in Oman
Registration for an online Quranic course for all age groups in Oman began on August ۵.
2017/8/9 - 10:58
Indian embassy exhibits centuries-old Islamic calligraphy in Oman
As part of the Festival of India in Oman, the Indian embassy is organizing an exhibition of Islamic calligraphy in Muscat.
2016/11/22 - 14:33
29 embrace Islam in Oman
Twenty-nine people converted to Islam in July this year, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs said.
2016/8/8 - 15:45
The sultanate’s one-stop donations portal raised RO214, 365 during Ramadan this year, the second highest in the holy month since its launch in 2009.
2016/7/12 - 10:26
72 embrace Islam during Ramadan in Oman
Seventy two people in Oman converted to Islam in June this year, the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs said.
2016/7/12 - 10:24
Islamic banking in Oman faring much better than some countries
The progress of Islamic banking in the country came up for discussion at a session attended by top banking officials and members of the Majlis A'Shura.
2016/5/15 - 14:15