Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Nigel Farage quits Ukip over anti-Muslim policies
The British politician, Nigel Farage, has quit the right wing UK Independence Party (Ukip) after ۲۵ years, saying the party he led to its greatest election successes was “now unrecognizable because of the fixation with the anti-Muslim policies of its leader, Gerard Batten”,
2018/12/6 - 22:00
Muslims in Italy uneasy after election of far-right government
On Friday after midday, on a tree-lined residential street in southeastern Rome, people speak an assortment of languages and dialects, from north African Arabic to the local Roman slang.
2018/9/27 - 05:05
Britain's UKIP party proposes anti-Islam "interim manifesto"
Britain's UKIP party presented plans to establish all-Muslim prisons, enhanced screening for migrants and to abolish some equality and anti-racism laws.
2018/9/22 - 08:30
Anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker says no more blasphemous caricatures
Dutch lawmaker and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders said he has no plans, for now, to revive the blasphemous caricatures contest after it emerged as a motive for a stabbing in Amsterdam last week.
2018/9/9 - 18:00
Dutch PM distances government from anti-Islam cartoon contest
The Dutch prime minister on Friday distanced his government from an anti-Islam cartoon contest being organized later this year by anti-Muslim lawmaker Geert Wilders.
2018/8/25 - 19:00
Swiss journalist launches award to honor Islamophobic personalities
An anti-Islam Swiss journalist, known as «Il ghiro», has launched the «Swiss Stop Islam Award», to honor personalities against «Islamic colonization» in Switzerland.
2018/8/9 - 20:20
Dutch Anti-Islam party to hold sacrilegious cartoon competition
The Freedom Party of Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will hold a competition of cartoons depicting the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH).
2018/6/13 - 22:00
Uk far-right clash with police at Anti-Islam London rally
Thousands of far-right protesters clashed with police in London, following a violent demonstration in support of Tommy Robinson, the jailed founder of the anti-Islam English Defence League (EDL).
2018/6/10 - 17:39
Egypt blocked YouTube over anti – Islam film
Egypt's top administrative court ordered authorities to block YouTube in the country for a month, after appeals process over a film insulting Islam's Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).
2018/5/27 - 20:20
Turkey bans French studies after anti-Islam manifesto
Turkey has taken retaliatory action over an anti-Islam manifesto published last month by ۳۰۰ French figures calling for parts of the Qur’an, the holy book of Muslims, to be removed.
2018/5/14 - 18:00