Thursday, July 18, 2019
Milad of Imam Reza (AS) and Lady Masuma (SA)
Milad of Imam Reza (A.S) and Lady Masuma celebrated in Islamic centre of England.
2019/7/14 - 23:36
‎ World expresses unity for Sheikh Zakzaky freedom
Releasing a statement in support of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, the Management Centre of Islamic Seminary wrote.
2019/7/12 - 20:20
Sheikh Zakzaky in calamitous need of cure: Rights
Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) said it has received reports about Zakzaky’s health condition .
2019/7/5 - 15:32
Muslim Council of Britain condemns Conservative Party over Islamophobia
In alarming remarks, the spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said he had documented "hundreds of cases" showing the scale of Islamophobia in Tory quarters.
2019/6/12 - 15:30
Fasting Muslim teacher knocked out by UK police
Fasting Muslim teacher brutally knocked out by police officers in broad daylight in a street in the capital London.
2019/6/7 - 20:30
Man arrested over gun fired outside mosque during Ramadan prayers
A man has been arrested by detectives investigating a shooting outside a mosque in east London.
2019/5/23 - 23:42
Muslim community hosts public iftar in London
Non-Muslims as well as Muslims invited to experience fast-breaking, meaning of Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
2019/5/21 - 02:00
UK Muslims call for action against rising Islamophobia
Anti-Muslim hate crimes in UK have risen almost ۶۰۰% since New Zealand terror attacks
2019/4/10 - 17:00
Tory Islamophobes team up against Javid to block his premiership bid
A row over institutionalized Islamophopbia in Britain’s ruling Conservative party has deepened as supporters threaten to block a potential bid by interior minister Sajid Javid to become next British prime minister.
2019/4/10 - 07:24
Croydon man collected 'bomb' parts so he could target a South London mosque
A possible terrorist attack plot has been halted down in London by police.
2019/4/9 - 19:30