Thursday, May 23, 2019
Ramadan gifts unite foster carers with UK Muslim kids
It is hoped the boxes will help bring foster carers and the children in their care together this Ramadan.
2019/5/21 - 09:08
Birmingham's Green Lane mosque announces plastic ban for Ramadan ۲۰۱۹
GLMCC will stop handing out plastic bottles and instead opt for reusable versions and newly-installed water fountains
2019/5/7 - 11:22
A British halal food festival is coming to Birmingham
Halal means ‘permissible’ in Arabic and describes anything that’s allowed under Islamic law.
2019/5/1 - 19:29
Patrols stepped up as sixth mosque in Birmingham is vandalized
Damage was caused to the window of the building in Cromer Road, Balsall Heath, on Saturday morning. Detectives do not believe the incident is linked to five other attacks on mosques in the city.
2019/3/24 - 09:41
‘Courageous’ Muslim parents in UK boycott brainwashing ‘homosexuality project’
A move by hundreds of parents in Birmingham, who objected to a curriculum featuring lessons about LGBT lifestyles, stirred vigorous discussion on social media.
2019/3/4 - 23:00
Visit a mosque day takes place in Birmingham this weekend
Mosques across Birmingham and the Black Country are inviting people to call in this weekend as part of a special open day.
2019/3/2 - 22:06
Mosque opens doors to Birmingham homeless suffering on freezing streets
Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, UK appeals for more volunteers to help look after rough sleepers coming in off streets. "Walking around the city centre at night you see all the homeless huddled in doorways. They sleep on concrete floors in freezing temperatures." "Our service supports everyone regardless of race, creed or background. We do not discriminate. People are in need and it's our Islamic duty to help."
2019/2/5 - 20:48
Councillor backs Muslim mums who accused school of 'promoting homosexuality'
A councillor has called for peace talks between protesting Muslim parents and a school 'promoting homosexuality' but stated: "The children are too young."
2019/1/27 - 15:18
Britain's UKIP party proposes anti-Islam "interim manifesto"
Britain's UKIP party presented plans to establish all-Muslim prisons, enhanced screening for migrants and to abolish some equality and anti-racism laws.
2018/9/22 - 08:30
Meet UK’s first Hijabi boxing coach
A British Muslim has become the first Hijabi boxing coach, inspiring many Muslim women to come forward and practice the game.
2018/9/5 - 16:00