Sunday, July 21, 2019
Pakistan: organisation des cours coraniques d'été à Lahore
Hawzah/ Un cours coranique est organisé à Lahore, au Pakistan, pour les écoliers pendant les vacances d'été.
2019/6/22 - 12:47
Bomb targeting Shia Muslims kills ۱۶ in southwest Pakistan
A fruit market bomb exploded in southwest Pakistan by an extremist group killed ۱۶ and wounded ۳۰ people.
2019/4/12 - 23:10
Thousands of Pakistanis form human chain in image of Christchurch mosque
Pakistanis gathered to show there solidarity in the ceremony of ۹ martyrs of their country
2019/4/12 - 22:29
Pakistan to honor Christchurch mosque 'hero' with national award
Rashid, who died trying to tackle the attacker in New Zealand mosque attack, to be recognized for 'his courage'.
2019/3/18 - 12:30
Afghan official hails Iran’s moderate reading of Islam
Herat governor of Afghanistan, while criticizing the extreme and radical interpretations of Islam in the countries of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and the dangers imposed, said that Iran's reading of Islam has always been moderate.
2019/3/12 - 00:10
Hujjat al-Islam Hosseini Koohsari in meeting with Geo TV network officials:
Ahl al-Bayt wants Shias to be always the best in terms of faith and piety
Geo TV network and internal network Parachinar officials had a meeting with Hujjat al-Islam Hosseini Koohsari head of Hawzah international relation department.
2019/3/7 - 13:14
Peterborough mosque worshippers raise thousands of pounds for the starving
Worshippers at the Faizan‐e‐Madina Mosque in Gladstone Street, Millfield, have raised thousands of pounds to help people who are suffering.
2019/3/4 - 00:00
Tenue du cinquième tour des réunions de l’échange de science et de technologie des pays islamiques
Hawzah/ L’Iran a participé à la cinquième session des réunions de l’échange de science et de technologie (STEP) des pays islamique à Karachi, au Pakistan.
2019/2/28 - 11:30
Deux Pakistanais impliqués dans l’attentat meurtrier de Zahedan (CGRI)
Hawzah/ Le commandant de l’armée de terre du CGRI a déclaré que deux des auteurs de l’attentat terroriste de Zahedan qui a frappé un bus du CGRI faisant ۲۷ morts étaient d’origine pakistanaise.
2019/2/20 - 15:00