Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Kazan international Muslim film festival underway in Tatarstan
The ۱۴th edition of the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival got underway in Kazan, the capital city of Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, on Tuesday.
2018/9/6 - 23:00
Quranic center for women opens in Libya
A specialized Quran memorization center for women was launched in Jalu town in Al-Wahat District, northeastern Libya.
2018/7/12 - 03:30
Islamophobic pastor set to lead prayer at US embassy in Israel
A controversial Islamophobic pastor is set to lead a prayer at the opening ceremony of the American embassy in Jerusalem al-Quds, reports say.
2018/5/14 - 16:59
Al-Mustafa University launches Website in ۱۴ Languages
The website for al-Mustafa International University was launched in ۱۴ languages in an unveiling ceremony held in the university's conference hall.
2017/2/8 - 12:16
Photos: The Opening Ceremony for Exhibition of Research and Technology Achievements
The second exhibition on Research and Technology Achievements of the Islamic Propagation office opened in Qom, Iran.
2016/12/12 - 12:28
Custodian of Imam Ali Shrine opens Fatima Courtyard
Custodian of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, Sayyed Nizar Hashim Habl al-Maten, opened the second stage from the visit and worship part in the western expansion – Sahan (courtyard) Fatima (a.s.) on the occasion of Eid al-Ghadir.
2016/9/21 - 20:28
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi:
The Islamic Seminary Must Preserve its Originality
“The Islamic Seminaries’ traditions and teachings are the result of the efforts of its great scholars throughout history and they need to be protected,” Ayatollah Makarem said.
2016/9/3 - 18:58
Opening Ceremony of the Seminaries’ New Educational Year
Ayat. Ustadi’s Guidelines to Seminary Teachers, Students
“Study the seminary lessons thoroughly and then present them to the students deeply,” Ayatollah Ustadi addressed seminary teachers.
2016/9/3 - 18:51
Ayat. Husseini Bushehri:
The Int. Community Admires Iranian Seminaries Now
"The international community expects more from Islamic seminaries as the students of Ahl ul-Bayt's (a.s.) school of thought, we need to be prepared to answer that call," Ayatollah Bushehri said.
2016/9/3 - 13:11