Wednesday, February 21, 2018
The Hindu old woman who fast with Muslims in Ramadan
Hindu woman began fasting during the holy month after making a vow to a saint in Ahmedabad.
2017/6/11 - 18:00
Ramadan unite Muslims around the world + Photos
Religious rituals unite people no matter where they are, who they are - no matter their gender or color.
2017/6/8 - 00:30
Vibrant pictures of Ramadan around the world
As Muslims all over the world are began their month-long daytime religious fast, lets’ take look on some vibrant pictures of “The Month of GOD”
2017/5/31 - 14:10
'Spirit of Ramadan' photo exhibit visits Milwaukee City Hall
An international photo exhibit on display in the Milwaukee City Hall rotunda aims to teach others about Islam by sharing photos of Muslims celebrating Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer.
2016/11/21 - 11:49
A Marathoner Prepares for Rio During Ramadan
Mo Hrezi is training for the Olympics on high mileage while fasting during the day.
2016/6/29 - 12:00
Egyptian make Ramadan more tolerable
It’s the Muslim holy month of Ramadan during which people fast. But it’s not an easy job to do while you are in a country with a hot desert climate like Egypt, especially in the long days of summer. 
2016/6/24 - 19:55
What friends and colleagues need to know about Ramadan
a few tips for those who aren’t Muslim on what Ramadan is and how to treat their fasting friends
2016/6/23 - 16:47
Café in Kilburn feeds community for free throughout Ramadan
Concord Café in Carlton Vale, has started a volunteer led Big Dinner project as part of the Muslim fasting month, until July 5.
2016/6/22 - 10:03
Muslims in Oxfordshire encouraged to quit smoking for Ramadan
MUSLIMS in Oxfordshire who smoke are being called on to use Ramadan as the push they need to kick the habit for good.
2016/6/21 - 23:33
UK Muslims Run While Fasting to Help Others
Braving long summer hours without food and water, a group of British Muslims participated on Sunday, in the annual Mersey Tunnel 10k to raise funds for the homeless.
2016/6/21 - 08:37