Thursday, January 24, 2019
New Muslim-focused domestic violence shelter planned for Calgary
Growing numbers of Muslim women, refugees and immigrants fleeing abuse and violence, says charity
2018/12/17 - 20:00
Muslim community gets 'proper place' to pray in Airdrie
Until new mosque opened, people prayed at home, at local church or in Calgary.
2018/10/2 - 19:02
Diner brings Calgary's Muslim community together in Ramadan to feast
On Friday nights during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a local retro-style diner in Calgary, the Canadian province of Alberta, keeps its doors open until the early hours of the morning for the community to come together and break the fast.
2018/6/11 - 23:30
Calgary Muslims get ready to celebrate Ramadan
Muslims across Calgary, Canadian province of Alberta, will be acknowledging one of the pillars of Islam in the weeks ahead.
2018/5/14 - 07:54
Canadian mosque vandalized for second time in a week
For the second Friday in a row, a Calgary mosque has been vandalized, the glass on the front door of the Ranchlands Mosque in northwest Calgary was smashed and sign indicating that the mosque was open during construction was also thrown in the parking lot.
2016/10/17 - 10:30
Disturbing anti-Muslim posters in University of Calgary
About 40 posters were discovered by students at 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, filled with hateful and obscene language.
2016/10/5 - 11:19
Canadian Camp Welcomes Syrian Kids for Free
Muslim Families Network Society is the sponsor of Camp Kindle which welcomes Syrian refugees and underprivileged children for free.
2016/9/1 - 08:44
Canadian Muslim Camps Counter Radicalization
A Canadian local Muslim leader has increased his efforts to fight radicalization, using his day camp to tackle the feeling of isolation that some Muslim children experience while trying to integrate into Western society.
2016/8/18 - 08:35
Calgary school fined $26K for discriminating against Muslim students, judge rules
Alberta judge upholds human rights decision which found Webber Academy discriminated against the students by not letting them pray.
2016/8/17 - 09:32
Calgary Family Invites Neighbors to Share Ramadan
A Calgary Muslim family has opened its doors since the beginning of Ramadan, inviting their neighbors to share festivities of the holy month and give back to the community.
2016/6/28 - 10:28