Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Islamic fashion school cuts a faithful figure in Indonesia
Indonesia's first Islamic fashion school is teaching students in the world's largest Muslim-majority country the usual skills of design, styling and marketing - but with a religion-specific twist.
2018/6/10 - 16:15
Indonesia cancels visas for Israelis following Gaza massacre
Indonesia has cancelled visas issued to Israeli citizens and decided to ban Israelis from entering the country in response to Gaza incidents, spokesman for Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel Nahshon said.
2018/5/23 - 21:30
Daesh claims responsibility for Indonesian church attacks
Daesh claimed responsibility for suicide bomb attacks on three churches in the Indonesian city of Surabaya on Sunday that has killed ۱۱ people, the terrorist group'swithout providing any evidence.
2018/5/14 - 21:00
Indonesia's Aceh orders female flight crews to wear hijab
Authorities in the Indonesian province of Aceh have ordered Muslim flight attendants to wear headscarves when flying into the region . Firefly in Malaysia declined to comment, citing "the sensitivity of the matter".
2018/2/1 - 02:00
Indonesian fishermen set up Mosque in Taiwan
Indonesian fishermen helped to set up a house of Muslim worship in a yellow building on Nan’an Road in Nanfang-ao, in Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan.
2017/12/14 - 01:10
Quran teacher training course for women in Indonesia
The Dar-ol-Quran Center of the Astan of Imam Hussain’s (as) holy shrine has organized the ۱۴th edition of a Quran teacher training course for women in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2017/12/5 - 01:00
Indonesia hosts First world Islamic cultural festival in ۲۰۱۸
The first World Islamic Cultural Festival (WICF) is slated to be held in Cirebon, Indonesia on July ۹ -۱۷, ۲۰۱۸. The festival will feature ۱۰۰ Muslim figures from all over the world is expected to be attended by ۲۰ countries and ۱۵۰,۰۰۰ visitors.
2017/11/26 - 12:15
Intl. exhibition on Islamic education in Indonesia
The Batin province in Indonesia hosted an International conference on modern learning and Islamic education. "This exhibition will enhance our Islamic belief system and our love for humanity."
2017/11/22 - 16:15
Ayat. Arafi receives Dean of Islamic University of Indonesia
"For years the Islamic Republic of Iran has been resisting unfair international sanctions imposed by the arrogant powers. However, Iran has been developing despite all these sanctions." Professor Shirazi added.
2017/10/23 - 10:02
Holy Ramadan in Indonesia
Every year, Muslim countries observe the holy month of Ramadan with different traditions and customs, such differences account for the diverse cultural traditions within the Muslim community throughout the world. Indonesia is a country with ۶ official religions and its people have a broad range of traditions and events during Ramadan.
2017/6/19 - 00:30