Monday, May 29, 2017
Word of God: Qur’an in real life
Chapter ۵۴: Stay in peace
Moses said to his people: “Seek help with God, and be patient; for the land is God’s, He will inherit it to whom He pleases of His servants; and the end will be to the righteous.
2017/5/27 - 22:30
Catholic bishop tells Muslims sustain peace and tolerance
The Catholic bishop of Wa, Ghana, has called on Muslims to sustain tolerance and peaceful co-existence. He added Muslims must pay more attention to things that unite them rather than things that divide them.
2017/5/17 - 12:54
Word of God: Verses of Quran as ethical guidance
Chapter ۷۲: Finding Peace with God
According to Quran, The hearts find rest in God's remembrance! Those who have faith and do righteous deeds happy are they and good is their ultimate destination.
2017/2/4 - 22:30
British Muslims Spread Universal Message of Peace with Bus Campaign
A four week nationwide bus campaign with massage of “O mankind spread peace and feed people” will be launched in the UK carrying a universal message of goodwill and peace to all.
2016/12/4 - 09:05
Member of the Russian Peace Foundation:
Iran, Russia to hold Joint Conferences on the Impact of Religions on Unity
“In order to help establish global peace, Russia and Iran need to hold joint conferences on the issue of peace and the impact of religions on the unity of people and races,” said member of the Russian Peace Foundation.
2016/11/29 - 08:23
Advisor to PM of France:
Treatise of Rights represents justice and peace
Pierre Emmanuel, advisor to Manuel Valls, in his visit to Iraq for the third Tarateel Sajjadiya Festival stated that Imam al-Sajjad’s Treatise of Rights is an essential historical document.
2016/11/2 - 17:24
Al-Mustafa University Official:
Imam al-Ridha Shrine Base of Peace, Friendship in the World
An official of Al-Mustafa International University of Qom, “The Holy Shrine of Imam al-Ridha (A.S.) is the base of peace and friendship in the world.”
2016/10/27 - 13:18
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi:
Iranian religious sects live in peaceful coexistence
In Iran, there are different religious sects and minorities which live alongside each other in a peaceful coexistence, they do not have any discord among them; furthermore, Iran has long been supporting peace and friendship among religious sects and undoubtedly we will shake hands with anyone who supports peace,” said Grand Ayatollah Makarem.
2016/10/22 - 22:24
Ayatollah Khamenei: Would you make peace with one who has invaded your home?
"Peace arrives once you step out of your home, if there is a disagreement, you attempt to negotiate or make peace between two parties. But, you have taken over our homes; you have committed a considerable amount of crimes here; even now, you don’t give up on transgressing whenever you can. The Zionist regime still attacks Southern Lebanon on a daily basis; they attack not only the Lebanese fighters, but the villages and schools in Southern Lebanon," Ayatollah Khamenei said.
2016/9/22 - 10:46
Interfaith message of peace at ‘Love Your Neighbor’ in US
“If you want to understand peace, (prayer) is a time of peace,” president of the Islamic Society of Concord said.
2016/8/29 - 13:23