Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Islamic leader urges promotion of religious tolerance
South Sudanese should promote religious tolerance and embrace peace and reconciliation in order to achieve stability in the country, a top Islamic cleric has advised.
2019/1/21 - 01:27
How Lauren Booth found peace in the holy land
I’m a Christian author and a social activist who spends a great deal of time talking about why someone with a Christian upbringing and a westernized background might choose to follow the path of Islam – even though I’m not a Muslim myself.
2018/11/17 - 20:20
Saudi cleric close to MBS calls for 'peace' trip to Israel
A Saudi cleric with close ties to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has called on faith leaders to travel to Jerusalem al-Quds in a bid to promote "peace" with Israel.
2018/10/7 - 13:27
Muslim world league head urges faith leaders to travel to Jerusalem seeking peace
The call was made at the opening of the second Conference on Cultural Rapprochement between the US and the Muslim World. The peace initiative by the head of the Makkah-based MWL followed calls for peace by Jewish and Christian American religious leaders
2018/10/6 - 22:00
Ansarullah calls for peace in Yemen
Yemeni Ansarullah leader called for establishment of peace in the war-torn country and urged Saudi Arabia and its allies to stop aggression.
2018/10/5 - 23:00
Palestinian President Abbas: Israel, biased US working against peace
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Israel is working against peace and security by killing and displacing Palestinians and building settlements on occupied land with the support of the "biased" United States.
2018/9/17 - 19:00
Rouhani warns US: War with Iran will be mother of all wars
Iranian President says the United States should know that peace with Iran will be the mother of all peace while war with the country will be the mother of all wars.
2018/7/22 - 19:10
Press Statement:
IMN has no plan to disturb peace in Kaduna, Nigeria
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN) in a press statement has called on the general public to disregard a fake news being spread alleging that it intends to 'attack' Kaduna tomorrow.
2018/7/11 - 14:30
Iraqi Christian leader: Iran, source of security in Iraq
Iran is a source of peace and security in Iraq and the entire region, according to a senior Iraqi Christian leader. // Iran wants all the followers of different religions to live together in peace.
2018/6/19 - 04:30
Calligraphy exhibition to promote Islam’s peace, beauty
.An international Islamic calligraphy exhibition is underway in Egypt with the participation of calligraphers and artists from different countries. The expo aims to present works that showcase Islam’s beauties through different forms of Arabic calligraphy.
2017/10/24 - 19:00