Sunday, July 21, 2019
Pork restaurant to change billboard for mosque goers in China
A pork knuckle restaurant in Taoyuan on Tuesday said that it would change its billboard showing its wares and a cartoon pig out of respect for its neighbor, the historic Longgang Mosque . The mosque's prayer hall was established in ۱۹۶۴ by former fighters from Burmese and Cambodian guerrilla groups that were backed by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)
2019/1/10 - 01:00
Anti-Islamophobia billboard in UK defaced with black paint
New Bristol city center billboard campaigning against Islamophobia defaced with black paint. The signs are part of a campaign aims to unite the city against Islamophobia by challenging the stereotypes around Islam and Muslims.
2017/11/23 - 11:30
Muslim women's group puts up billboard that condemns violence
Islamic Circle Of North America (ICNA) Sisters Edmonton group has put up a billboard emphasizing that Islam is a religion of peace..
2016/11/28 - 17:13
Thousands call for removal of offensive Islamic billboard in St. Augustine Beach
Hawzah News Agency- An online petition to remove a billboard in St. Augustine Beach that has offensive words against Islam has gained global recognition. More than 2,600 people from across the United States and other countries have signed the petition to have the billboard taken down since it was started on Saturday
2016/4/12 - 16:10