Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Cultural deputy of Islamic propagation organization:
۷۷۰,۰۰۰ people performed Itikaf in Iran this year
Stating that next Itikaf ceremony will be held on March ۳۱st until April ۲nd, Hujjat al-Islam Rouhani-nejad asserted people can register for Itikaf in person or online.
2018/3/12 - 21:00
Ayat. Khamenei Meets with Family of Iranian Martyr
Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with the family of Shahid Rajab Mohammadzadeh - a disabled war veteran who recently achieved martyrdom.
2016/8/29 - 13:17
Ayatollah Khamenei's recommendations on how to benefit from the month of Rajab
On the occasion of the commencement of the holy month of Rajab of the Islamic Calendar, Supreme leader's website has published a review of the leader’s recommendations for making the most out of this blessed month.
2016/4/10 - 14:43
Assistant director of Qom Islamic Seminary: Month of Rajab provides the best opportunity to speak to God prior to Ramadan 
“The great month of Rajab provides the best opportunity for Muslims to speak with God and to practice his servitude before Ramadan comes,” Assistant director of Qom seminary said.
2016/4/10 - 14:42