Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Islamic center of Boston to hold open Mosque day
"No Walls Between Us" is the theme of the ۹th Annual Open Mosque Day in Wayland, Massachusetts. Residents will have the chance to go inside the mosque learn about Islam.
2019/4/23 - 00:00
Ohio event spreads understanding of Islamic culture
The Miami Valley Islamic Association is reaching out to share its culture with the Springfield community.
2018/10/8 - 18:00
Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbors’ event at a US community
The Islamic Society of Columbus in US state of Georgia by inviting nonbelievers of their faith, are trying to answer their questions about Islam and create a better understanding in the community. One of the main participants said: We are citizens, we are Americans and we want to let people know we are just like you.
2016/12/4 - 10:14
Christians: Show Love for Muslim Neighbors In Islamophobic US
The West has fallen for the logical fallacy that because ISIS proclaims to be Muslim they are simply doing what Muslims are mandated to do.
2016/11/27 - 16:37
Norwich church offers conversations on Muslim faith
Norwich Park Congregational Church will host an “Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors”. The goal is to promote understanding of the Muslim faith through open and respectful dialogue and questions.
2016/11/5 - 20:18
Islamic Center opens doors to neighbors
As part of the fourth annual “Meet Your Muslim Neighbors” event, the Islamic Center of Boston saw a steady stream of Muslims and non-Muslims coming together to learn about Islam.
2016/10/23 - 11:56
Trump advocator apologized and said he was "out of line"
spring Grove Area school board member Matthew Jansen has apologized on Twitter, saying he was "out of line" for "venting" to a pastor about a sign that wished a blessed Ramadan to its Muslim neighbors.
2016/6/21 - 10:55
Interfaith Iftars Aim To Bring Communities Together This Ramadan
For the second year in a row, the Minnesota-based Episcopal priest is organizing a state-wide effort to bring Christians and people of other faiths into mosques during the Muslim holy month. And if last year’s program is any indication, close to a thousand non-Muslim Minnesotans will be breaking bread with their Muslim neighbors this summer.
2016/5/21 - 21:35
Waltham mosque opens doors to fight stereotypes
“It’s something every mosque is going through right now with the election and all the rhetoric,” Yousuf Raheem said. “It’s for people to learn about Islam and balance out what they hear on CNN and show them that what you hear is not the same.”
2016/5/21 - 14:51
Held in New York: "Meet your Muslim neighbors."
Hawzah News Agency- The Meet your Muslim Neighbors panel reached to dispel anti-Islamic sentiment that might settle into this town given a terse rhetoric coming from the political arena and world affairs
2016/4/9 - 09:28