Thursday, May 24, 2018
Islamic Movement of Nigeria press statement:
"Whereabouts of Sheikh Zakzaki now unknown"
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has expressed great concerns about the whereabout of its Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaki, claiming that he was last seen or heard from yesterday soon after he was arraigned before a Kaduna state high court.
2018/5/19 - 15:00
Zubar al-Hadid int’l convention held in Mashhad
International convention of Muslim youths movement for the freedom of world’s religious leaders was held under the title of “Zubar al-Hadid” in Mashhad.
2018/5/14 - 23:27
Amnesty International strongly condemns Buhari regime, calls to release Sheikh Zakzaky
Responding to a violent crackdown by Nigerian police on members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) protesting the detention of their leader in Abuja, Osai Ojigho Director Amnesty International Nigeria said:
2018/4/19 - 16:22
Nigerian police fired teargas at Shia protesters demanding release of Sheikh Zakzaky
Nigerian police fired teargas at hundreds of Shia Muslim protesters on Tuesday during a second day of clashes in the capital Abuja over the imprisonment of their religious leader.
2018/4/17 - 20:20
Muslims of Nigeria asked President to release Sheikh Zakzaky
Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) issued a statement on ۱۴th Feb. ۲۰۱۸, called Nigerian President to release Sheikh Zakzaky and hundreds of his followers.
2018/2/15 - 10:21
Rep. of Sheikh Zakzaky:
Nigerian Shias, inspired by Imam Khomeini
Representative of Sheikh Zakzaky in the Northern Nigeria said, "Nigerian Shias are mainly inspired by Imam Khomeini. World forum for proximity of the Islamic schools of thought should try to explain various dimensions of Imam Khomeini's personality to all Nigerian Muslims."
2018/1/14 - 14:32
Sheikh Zakzaky makes first public appearance in over ۲ years
Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has made his first public appearance in over two years.// Sheik El-Zakzaky: I am feel better the security (officers) have allowed me to see my doctor, my personal doctor.
2018/1/13 - 20:23
Nigerian police tear-gas Zakzaky supporters
Police in Nigeria have used teargas to disperse peaceful protesters demanding the release of the country’s top Shia Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.
2017/1/26 - 22:51
IMN blames government’s claim on non-release of Sheikh Zakzaky
Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) have faulted the Federal Government’s claim that the continued detention of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife, was for security reasons.“The presidential aide also tried to justify the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky by raising some spurious allegations of security concerns. “
2017/1/5 - 13:00
All form of procession banned in Kaduna, Nigeria
The Kaduna State Government of Nigeria has banned any form of procession and what it calls ‘unlawful assemblies’ in a bid to control activities of members of the (IMN) Islamic Movement of Nigeria. “The government has endorsed the recommendation and has decided to restrict processions accordingly.“
2016/12/19 - 15:50