Tuesday, August 21, 2018
President Erdogan: US has dollars, 'we have our God'
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Turks to "have no worries" after the national currency lira hit a new record low amid political tensions with the US.
2018/8/10 - 22:30
Egyptian Mosque starts competition for kids who attend Fajr prayer
Mosque in Egypt has announced a competition aiming to encourage children between the ages of ۱۰-۱۴ to keep up with their Fajr prayers to those who managed to pray at the mosque for ۴۰ days straight.
2018/8/8 - 12:00
Turkey’s cliff-side Mosque mesmerizes tourists
The mosque is known as Kirklar, located between the regions of Bayburt and Trabzon, it attracts the faithful and nature lovers to experience the unique foggy, cloudy atmosphere.
2018/7/29 - 01:00
Quranic course for hearing-impaired women proceeding in Turkey
A Quran reading course has been organized for women with hearing disabilities in the Turkish city of Gaziantep
2018/7/24 - 01:00
Turkish forces ‘neutralize’ ۱۸ PKK terrorists in Turkey, hit their bases in Iraq
Turkish security and gendarmerie forces have “neutralized” more than two dozen members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group when they carried out a string of counter-terrorism operations in the country’s southeastern provinces of Diyarbakir, Sirnak and Osmaniye.
2018/7/12 - 01:00
Islamic centers in Latin America receive Spanish translation of Quran
Spanish translations of the Quran were distributed among Islamic centers and mosques in a number of Latin American countries.
2018/6/6 - 23:00
Robot developed for cleaning, sterilizing mosques
With many people performing their prayers together in congregation five times a day at mosques, proper hygiene is an important issue.
2018/5/31 - 00:00
OIC member states underline protection of Palestinians against Israeli crimes
Heads of Muslim states who gathered in Turkey for a special summit on recent Israeli massacre Gazans called for an international force to be deployed to protect Palestinian people against Israeli crimes.
2018/5/19 - 19:00
Turkey urges Islamic world to unite against Israel, calls summit
Turkey has urged Islamic countries to review their ties with Israel after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on the Gaza border.
2018/5/16 - 04:05
۵۴ suspected Daesh members arrested in Istanbul
Turkish authorities have detained ۵۴ suspected Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) members in Istanbul who were believed to be preparing to travel to conflict zones in Syria, police said .
2018/5/15 - 23:00