Sunday, July 21, 2019
Indonesia Govt to build Halal parks to boost Halal tourism
Indonesia is named as the world's top halal tourist destination by The MasterCard-Crescent Rating in its ۲۰۱۹ Global Muslim Travel Index.
2019/4/16 - 10:30
Riau businesses gear up to support halal tourism
Enterprises in Riau are applying for halal certification as the governor develops the province’s halal tourism sector.
2019/4/14 - 10:54
Islamic Tourism is promoting in S. Korea
While Muslim tourists have increased in recent years in South Korea the infrastructure for them is poor and urgently needs revamping. Some ۹۸۰,۰۰۰ Muslim tourists visited Korea last year, up more than ۳۰ percent from the previous year.
2017/2/13 - 07:36
Islamic Tourism Shows Excellent Achievement
the Islamic tourism industry has shown an excellent achievement in Malaysia with almost one in every four tourist arrivals is a Muslim, Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said.
2016/10/20 - 15:11
Not enough hotels cater to Muslim travellers
More Muslims are travelling, but there is a lack of accommodation and trained hotel staff catering to them, according to industry experts at the Global Islamic Economy Summit on Wednesday, October 12.
2016/10/14 - 22:29
How Halal Food Became a $20 Billion Hit in America
Halal food was gaining immense popularity in the USA, according to a report.
2016/9/20 - 21:18
World’s first-ever Halal retreat launched
The world’s first-ever halal retreat has been launched combining spirituality with personal development for the fast-growing urban global Muslim traveler.
2016/9/7 - 12:44
Thailand Opens Islamic Hotel to Attract Muslim Tourists
Thailand opened its first Islamic hotel in an effort to attract more Muslim visitors and to promote its economy on a national and international level.
2016/9/1 - 14:13
Indonesia pushes for Muslim travelers to boost sector
Indonesia has set its sights on promoting halal tourism in the country, particularly to visitors from the Middle East.
2016/8/30 - 11:58
New Zealand eyes Muslim travelers, releases halal food guide
Muslims traveling to New Zealand will have less to worry about as the country's tourism board has released a halal food guide.
2016/8/22 - 13:26