Friday, March 23, 2018
In pictures: Islamic society in Scotland organized interfaith dinner
Scotland: Islamic Society of Edinburgh University Organized Interfaith Dinner ۲۰۱۸
2018/3/13 - 04:00
Lebanese Sunni Cleric:
"Iran pioneer in preserving Islamic unity"
"Today, there's a great unity and solidarity among Lebanese scholars and people; this unity comes as a result of looking up to Islamic Republic of Iran as a role model." said Lebanese cleric. / "Iran is playing a constructive role in maintaining practical unity within Muslim community."
2018/2/26 - 11:19
Value of women in Society
Islam has made the man and the woman equal in their will and action so far as the management of their lives is concerned.
2017/3/31 - 20:12
Ayat. Alavi Boroujerdi receives German Academics in Qom;
" Islam opposes any form of Violence"
“Divine teachings have been revealed to prevent the bloodshed of the innocent and to spread peace and friendship among mankind; " said Ayatollah Alavi Boroujerdi.
2017/3/6 - 17:10
Member of Al-Mustafa Academic Board:
Iran, the only country to base the Humanities on Islamic teachings
The head of the Faculty of Regional Studies of al-Mustafa International University indicated to some of the great progress achieved in the last ten years on trying to base the Humanities on Islamic ideals and said, ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran is the first and only country trying to base the Humanities on Islamic teachings.’
2017/1/15 - 13:36
US Islamic Society won, denying mosque unconstitutional
the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge won a court judgment which would allow them to build a mosque in Bernards Township.
2017/1/2 - 09:33
Islamic Society won first award in England Charity week
A student society has won two prestigious awards in recognition of successful fundraising efforts.
2017/1/1 - 15:10
Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools:
“Unity, Shapes the Identity of Islamic Society”
Secretary General of WFPIST, at the closing session of the Forum “Imam al-Ridha (A.S.), Key of Unity and Coalition of Islamic Nation” said: “Unity shapes the identity of Islamic society and plays a major role in this field.”
2016/12/17 - 14:48
Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbors’ event at a US community
The Islamic Society of Columbus in US state of Georgia by inviting nonbelievers of their faith, are trying to answer their questions about Islam and create a better understanding in the community. One of the main participants said: We are citizens, we are Americans and we want to let people know we are just like you.
2016/12/4 - 10:14
Ayat. Araki: Diplomacy of Unity, the only way to save Islam from Crises
Chairman of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought stated that the enemies of Islam breed sectarianism and division among the Muslim community as their strongest weapon to fight Islam
2016/11/27 - 16:21