Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Al-Azhar to host Islam, west international conference
Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic center plans to organize an international seminar on “Islam and the West”.
2018/10/21 - 22:00
Shia studies conference held in Germany
The second edition of an international conference on Shia studies was held at Cologne University of Germany on October ۱۸-۱۹.
2018/10/20 - 20:20
Muslim youth reconnect with community in Detroit conf.
This year the conference focused on reconnecting Muslim youth, “through positive change.”
2018/10/18 - 08:32
Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani :
Présentation de la personnalité d'Abu Taleb est essentielle pour la communauté scientifique
Hawzah/Abu Taleb (as) a beaucoup sacrifié pour ranimer la tradition et la protection du Prophète (psl) pour cette raison, il est nécessaire d'introduire sa grande personnalité a la communauté scientifique et le Séminaire.
2018/10/16 - 14:13
Istanbul hosting conference on challenges facing Muslim Ummah
Scholars from different countries gathered on Sunday to discuss problems facing the Muslim world at the "International Conference on the Muslim Ummah."
2018/10/15 - 18:00
Iran, Russia, China, India, Afghanistan hold security talks in Tehran
Senior security officials from Iran, Russia, China, India and Afghanistan have attended a meeting in Tehran to explore ways of promoting peace and the fight against terrorism in the region.
2018/9/26 - 21:18
On the occasion of the month of Muharram,
The conference of Ashura covenant held in Bushehr
The Conference of Ashura covenant was held in Bushehr with the presence of the representative of the Wali Faqih in the province and Friday Imam of Bushehr and officials.
2018/9/12 - 14:00
Stockholm to host West and Islamic lifestyle conference
A conference on “The West and Islamic Style of Life” is planned to be organized in Stockholm, Sweden, next month.
2018/8/7 - 00:00
Iran get ready for ۳rd security conference
Iran is preparing for the ۳rd edition of Tehran Security Conference due to be held within the next few months.
2018/8/5 - 01:00
Panel formed in Malaysia to review Islamic Federal Institutions
The Malay Rulers have assented to the establishment of a panel to review and improve the administration of Islamic institutions in Malaysia at the federal level.
2018/7/30 - 19:30