Wednesday, February 20, 2019
۹۱۱ caller threatened to 'kill everyone inside' mosque during event with police presence
While police officers was inside Islamic Center giving a presentation on law enforcement, others were outside responding to a ۹۱۱ caller who claimed to have a pipe bomb.
2018/11/5 - 10:30
Muslim groups raise stunning amount of money for victims of synagogue massacre in less than ۲۴ hours
An online crowdfunding page created by two Muslim groups has raised over $۵۰,۰۰۰ for victims of Saturday’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, synagogue massacre.
2018/10/29 - 06:28
US mosque faces restrictions on daily prayers
Virginia residents oppose Mclean Islamic Center amendment for extending hours.
2018/10/4 - 16:00
‘Suspicious powder’ found at New London mosque
Police investigate a suspicious letter at the Islamic center of New London in Groton.
2018/9/23 - 21:30
Texas mosque members extend invitation to community
Members of the Victoria Islamic Center in the US state of Texas say hundreds of Victoria residents visited their newly completed mosque in a show of solidarity and unity. Mosque members also have invited the ۲۵,۰۰۰ donors from more than ۹۰ countries who collectively donated more than $۱.۱ million to the reconstruction.
2018/9/23 - 18:00
Austria Islamic center to celebrate Imam Hadi (AS) birthday
A ceremony will be held at the Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Vienna, Austria, to celebrate the birthday of Imam Hadi (AS), the tenth Shia Imam.
2018/8/28 - 22:00
Islamic centre of England to host ceremony on Eid Al-Ghadir
The Islamic Centre of England in London will host a ceremony to celebrate Eid al-Ghadir on Thursday.
2018/8/27 - 23:45
Stockholm Islamic center to host recitation of Arafah supplication
The Imam Ali (as) Islamic Center in Stockholm, Sweden, will host a program on Tuesday in which the Arafah Supplication is recited.
2018/8/21 - 03:15
Portland man who threatened Hijabi Muslim must pay in an unconventional way
A Portland area man who yelled at a pregnant Muslim woman to remove her hijab and then pretended to shoot her and her husband by mimicking a gun with his fingers must pay a $۱,۶۵۳ fine and have a meaningful discussion with Portland's Muslim community, a judge ordered.
2018/8/7 - 15:15
Hate crime at Mosque in city of Scotland
Strips of bacon were left on the door handle of a mosque in Scotland. / The mosque officials said "We recognize this hatred is driven via social media and continue to work with local and national government in how we all tackle the issue."
2018/5/1 - 22:30