Thursday, April 25, 2019
Pope Francis blames EU and US for Muslim children killed in wars
Pope blamed Europe and the United States for the deaths of children in Middle East, that wealthy Western countries fuel conflicts by selling weapons in war zones.
2019/4/7 - 17:30
Family of Imam Musa Sadr meet with Pope Francis
Imam Musa Sadr, born in ۱۹۲۸, is a well-known Iranian-Lebanese clergy founding the Supreme Islamic Shi'a Council of Lebanon.
2019/2/15 - 22:30
New church and mosque to be built in Abu Dhabi to celebrate papal visit
Pope Francis and the Grand Imam, Dr Ahmed Al Tayeb, sign foundation stone for construction of new places of worship in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Earlier, the two religious leaders sign the Human Fraternity Document that calls on people across the globe to unite to bring about inter-faith harmony and spread a vital message of peace.
2019/2/5 - 12:22
Central council of Muslims in Germany praises Pope's visit to UAE
The Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Ayman Mazyek, has hailed the visit of Pope Francis, head of Catholic Church, to the UAE, as historic and unprecedented.
2019/2/3 - 03:00
Pope Francis visits Arabia, promotes tolerance with Muslims
When Francis becomes the first pope to visit the Arabian peninsula on Sunday, he takes another important step in his efforts to build bridges with Islam and confirms interreligious dialogue as a keystone of his papacy.
2019/2/1 - 17:30
New year greeting message of Director of the Islamic Seminary Schools of Iran to Pope Francis:
Those who truly loved Jesus never submitted to the will of oppressors
Jesus Christ is one of the greatest prophets. His birth was such a great blessing for mankind that God gave its glad tidings to his mother, Mary, before his birth.
2019/1/3 - 13:56
Pope calls for ending bloodshed in Yemen
Pope Francis on Sunday urged the international community to mediate ending the conflict in Yemen which has claimed the lives of thousands of people.
2018/6/17 - 23:00
Pope condemns Israeli genocide of Palestinians
Pope Francis condemned the killing of Palestinians near the Gaza-Israel border, saying the deaths would only lead to more violence, and appealed for dialogue to bring justice and peace to the Middle East.
2018/5/16 - 18:00
OIC chief, Pope Francis underline importance of interfaith dialogue
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) secretary-general met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Friday and thanked him for his stance on the plight of Rohingya Muslims and migration issues.
2018/3/17 - 20:20
Pope responds to Ayat. Arafi's Christmas message
Leader of the Catholic World Pope Francis has responded to the Christmas message sent by head of Iran's Islamic Seminaries Ayatollah Alireza Arafi to Christian representatives.
2018/3/5 - 11:22