Friday, February 23, 2018
Amnesty International demands Saudi Arabia to stop execution of ۱۴ Shia activists
Amnesty International has urged Saudi authorities to halt imminent execution of ۱۴ young Shia activists who were condemned to death for taking part in anti-regime protests gripping the kingdom's Eastern Province.
2018/2/22 - 22:30
Israeli forces beat Palestinian youth to death in West Bank
Israel forces have reportedly beaten a Palestinian youth to death after arresting him during a new wave of raids on homes in the West Bank city of Jericho.
2018/2/22 - 21:00
Senior Cleric: Lady Fatima went through hardship to preserve genuine Islam
“The hardship that lady Fatima (sa) went through in life happened because her excellency was trying to protect Islam and its valuable teachings. She was trying to fight those who were out to divert Islam from its righteous path.” said Grand Ayatollah al-Najafi.
2018/2/22 - 17:04
Int’l Conference of Ahlulbayt and Islamic Sects held in Tanzania
The first day of International Conference of Ahlulbayt and Islamic Sects was held in Dodoma, Tanzania on Thursday, February ۲۲.
2018/2/22 - 16:38
Sixth intellectual meeting under the aegis of Imam Ali holy shrine (AS) started
the activities of the sixth intellectual meeting for the representatives of the holy shrines in the Islamic world started.
2018/2/22 - 02:30
Ayatollah Mirbaqeri:
The greatest trials in history have been suffered by Lady Fatimah
The representative of the people of Alborz province in the Assembly of Experts emphasized that the greatest trials in human history were suffered by Lady Fatimah.
2018/2/22 - 00:00
Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Letters to the Youths in West
In two open letters, Supreme leader of the Islamic republic of Iran addressed the Youth in Europe and North America.
2018/2/21 - 22:00
Grand Ayat. Hakim receives European Muslims
The revered Shia source of emulation advised the European Muslims to preserve their religious beliefs and Ahlubayt's (as) doctrine among them and pass it on to their children.
2018/2/21 - 16:30
Ayat. Nabulsi urges arming Palestinians
"Arming the Palestinians in West Bank must be considered as a top priority in upcoming future." said Ayatollah al-Nabulsi.
2018/2/21 - 11:41
Senior cleric hails Lady Fatima's (sa) character
"Fatimiyah Days are commemorated every year; however, we must not always point out the difficulties of Lady Fatima's (sa) life, this is not enough to just talk about all the hardship that this noble lady went through in life, rather we must also elaborate on her Excellency's valuable life lessons for mankind." said Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.
2018/2/21 - 11:27