Thursday, May 23, 2019
La Tunisie :
Le plan pour assurer la neutralité des mosquées lors des prochaines élections
Hawzah/ Le ministère des Affaires religieuses se penche sur l'élaboration d'un plan visant à assurer la neutralité des mosquées lors des prochaines échéances électorales.
2018/12/18 - 11:42
American Muslims' political empowerment after the midterm elections
American Muslim women have scored significant victories in the ۲۰۱۸ U.S. Midterm elections with both Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from Minnesota and Michigan winning their seats for Congress. Indeed, the dust has begun to settle on the U.S. midterm elections, and American Muslims over all have registered some significant gains at all levels of elected offices.
2018/11/26 - 13:52
Islamophobia observatory praises election of two female Muslims to US congress
The Islamophobia observatory has praised the election of two Muslim women to the US House of Representatives.
2018/11/8 - 20:40
Iraqi Kurds elect first parliament since secession fiasco
Voters in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq have headed to polling stations to elect the first parliament since a disastrous separation referendum last year.
2018/9/30 - 23:45
Muslims in Italy uneasy after election of far-right government
On Friday after midday, on a tree-lined residential street in southeastern Rome, people speak an assortment of languages and dialects, from north African Arabic to the local Roman slang.
2018/9/27 - 05:05
Iraqi PM Abadi says not seeking re-election after protests
As Iraq moves closer to forming a new government, the incumbent Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says he is not seeking to serve a second term in office.
2018/9/14 - 17:30
No Pakistani women vote in village over fear of divorce
Pakistani women who had pledged to defy men in their village by voting for the first time ultimately did not exercise their democratic right in Wednesday's election, citing intimidation by their husbands.
2018/7/26 - 01:00
۲۵ killed in Quetta blast as polls open in Pakistan
Just hours after polls opened in Pakistan for the country's parliamentary elections, a bomb went off in Quetta killing at least ۲۵ people.
2018/7/25 - 22:00
Grand Ayatollah Basheer Najafi's response about Pakistani Shias participation in election
Grand Ayatollah Basheer Najafi asked Shia people in Pakistan to vote for someone who protect Pakistan and also be a helper for shias community.
2018/7/21 - 16:05
Grand Ayatullah Safi Golpayegani;
Participating Pakistani Shias in the election, necessary with one condition
Grand Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani a prominent Iranian Shia Marja said: “If the Shia refusal to participate in elections undermines their situation, it is necessary for them to vote.”
2018/7/19 - 13:29