Sunday, November 18, 2018
Australian Muslims furious over PM slamming radical Islam after Melbourne attack
Following a terror attack that claimed the life of one person and left two more injured, the Australian prime minister criticised radical religious teachings, specifically radical Islam and urged religious leaders to be proactive in preventing their flocks from being affected by such teachings.
2018/11/11 - 17:00
'Breaking down barriers': Canberra mosques open their doors
The Canberra Islamic Centre threw open its doors to the public on Saturday, part of a national initiative aimed at removing stereotypes and misconceptions about the religion.
2018/10/27 - 21:00
Indonesia warns Australia against repercussions of anticipated Israel embassy move
Indonesia has warned Australia against moving its diplomatic mission to Jerusalem al-Quds after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison suggested a possible embassy transfer earlier this week.
2018/10/19 - 17:00
Australia says mulling over recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as Israeli 'capital'
Australia says it is considering recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s “capital” and relocating its embassy to the occupied Palestinian city just as the US did earlier this year in a move that drew draw harsh criticism both from Palestinians and the international community.
2018/10/17 - 04:30
Mourning ceremony on Imam Sajjad (AS) martyrdom anniversary planned in Adelaide
A ceremony will be held in Adelaide, South Australia’s capital, Saturday night to mourn the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Sajjad (AS), the ۴th Shia Imam.
2018/10/7 - 21:30
Arson squad investigate suspicious fire at Perth mosque
ARSON squad detectives are investigating after a suspicious fire outside a mosque in Mirrabooka,Perth in the early hours of this morning.
2018/8/26 - 16:30
Australian ex-football player in hot water over Anti-Muslim comments
Australian sports commentator and former Aussie rules football player Sam Newman has been lashed on social media following his comments on Muslim migrants, who he said have “colonized” the continent.
2018/8/23 - 19:00
Halal Bubs: Baby food business in Australia is booming
Halal has been a hotly debated topic in Australia’s national discourse but with ۶۰۴,۰۰۰ Muslims living across the nation, it’s clear that demand for nutritious Halal baby food is soaring.
2018/8/19 - 19:00
Australia gets first Muslim female senator
Mehreen Faruqi slams right-wing senator Fraser Anning for urging an immediate halt to Muslim immigration into Australia
2018/8/16 - 01:00
Australian coroner's report: Iranian refugee death preventable
Australia's Queensland coroner said the death of Iranian refugee in Manus Island was preventable, an Australian broadcaster reported on Monday.
2018/7/30 - 18:00