Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Another mosque desecrated as anti-Muslim attacks continue to spread across Germany
The assailants tore pages of a copy of Quran, the Islamic holy book, at the Barbaros Mosque.
2019/7/19 - 01:00
Mosque in Germany suffers serious damage in anti-Muslim attack
The Chorweiler Mosque, run by the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DİTİB), was targeted by three perpetrators who caused serious physical damage and broke the donation boxes. .
2019/7/17 - 15:38
Turkey anxious at attacks on mosques in Germany
Turkey has expressed concern at the recent hoax bomb scares and racist threats targeting Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs' (DITIB) headquarters and mosques. Police have recorded ۸۱۳ hate crimes against Muslims last year, including insults, threatening letters and physical assaults.
2019/7/13 - 15:00
Germany: Mosque attackers must be held accountable
Germany’s Turkish-Muslim community called on authorities on Wednesday to take stronger action against far-right extremists.
2019/7/11 - 14:16
Germany: Mosque evacuated over bomb threat
Germany’s largest mosque in the western city of Cologne was evacuated on Tuesday following a bomb threat .
2019/7/9 - 16:55
Increasing anti-Muslim attacks worry Islamic community in Germany
Burhan Kesici, the head of the German Islamic Council, criticized the attitude of German politicians. He said that their rhetoric has been fueling hatred against Muslims. "We are expecting the politicians to visit our mosques, have a conversation with the people of our community and make us feel a part of this society," he said.
2019/6/15 - 14:00
Attackers destroy Qurans, break windows at ۲ mosques in Germany
Two mosques in Germany were separately attacked by unidentified perpetrators in the states of Hesse and Bremen over the weekend. Pictures from the scene show that vandals smashed the windows with stones at the Central Kassel Mosque. There were no reports of any casualties.
2019/6/10 - 22:34
Arson attack targets mosque in Hagen, Germany
Great Mosque of Hagen in Germany has gone under arson attack by an unknown attacker
2019/5/26 - 07:07
Central council of Muslims in Germany praises Pope's visit to UAE
The Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Ayman Mazyek, has hailed the visit of Pope Francis, head of Catholic Church, to the UAE, as historic and unprecedented.
2019/2/3 - 03:00
Germany′s academy for Islam in research and society
Germany's Academy for Islam in Research and Society took up its work one year ago. Its mission is to promote Islamic theological research and to provide a sound factual basis for the public discourse on Islam. By Canan Topcu.
2019/1/18 - 23:30