Monday, April 22, 2019
Trump steps up attack on 'out-of-control' Muslim politician Ilhan Omar
Trump has tweeted another attack on Muslim congresswoman and spread his vitriol on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for defending her.
2019/4/16 - 17:00
Man wearing Trump T-shirt admits abusing worshippers at New Zealand mosque
A New Zealand man may face prison after admitting abusing worshipers outside the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch.
2019/4/12 - 14:24
Croydon man collected 'bomb' parts so he could target a South London mosque
A possible terrorist attack plot has been halted down in London by police.
2019/4/9 - 19:30
Father and son arrested for drunken assault on mosque visitors
Two Suspicious men arrested for drunken assault
2019/4/8 - 23:00
Man detained over mosque ‘threat’ on social media
An Adelaide man has been detained after a violent social media post targeting a Mosque was discovered.
2019/4/8 - 20:20
Rochester-area man charged with lying during probe on threats against Muslims
A member of multiple white supremacist Facebook groups has been charged with lying to the FBI about owning a gun.
2019/4/5 - 11:54
Investigation after a Muslim woman has her hijab 'Ripped Off ' in London
The British Transport Police are investigating a racially aggravated assault after a man allegedly pulled off a Muslim woman's hijab on a underground platform. A spokeswoman for the police force said: "British Transport Police are investigating the attack.
2019/4/1 - 19:30
'Racially aggravated' incident at Bristol mosque sees car attacked with metal pole
In a "racially aggravated" incident near the Easton Jamia Mosque a man was threatened with a metal bar.
2019/3/30 - 19:00
Islamophobia growing in UK: ۱ in ۳ Britons feel threatened by Muslims
More people in the UK have become wary of Islam’s growth in the country, a new poll has found, a factor that could spur more hate attacks against Muslims.
2019/2/17 - 21:04
Chicago Cubs' Muslim fans want action after team Patriarch's Islamophobic emails
Cubs fans feel betrayed after leaked emails show billionaire "Joe Ricketts knocked Islam as a thing of evil" and Muslims as "enemy." Meanwhile president of Chicago's Muslim Community Center said Joe Ricketts' apology seemed insincere. He asked the billionaire to attend a meeting with local Muslims next week.
2019/2/8 - 11:30