Saturday, October 20, 2018
Meeting about racism, Islamophobia in Canada behind closed doors
The Ottawa government has quietly launched a series of closed-door consultations on the issue of racism, hoping to avoid heated public debates on issues such as Islamophobia and systemic racism.
2018/10/16 - 22:00
Urgent' need to tackle racism in schools
There is an "urgent" need for anti-racist education in Scotland's schools, according to a teaching union.
2018/9/30 - 11:34
Mosque in North-western Germany vandalized
A mosque in northwestern Germany's Lower Saxony state was attacked early Monday by unidentified assailants who defaced the building with racist slogans and left pork products on the property.
2018/9/11 - 21:00
Hundreds of people protest against hatred and racism in Brussels
Hundreds of people met on Place Poelaert in Brussels on Sunday morning, to protest against hatred, racism and Islamophobia.
2018/9/10 - 15:15
OIC condemns Dutch plan for offensive cartoon contest
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) slammed a sacrilegious cartoon completion planned in Netherlands.
2018/8/30 - 17:30
UK Home Secretary calls Corbyn ‘threat to national security’
UK Home Secretary has called Jeremy Corbyn a "threat to national security" for criticizing Islamophobia and racism in the country.
2018/8/28 - 17:26
Australian ex-football player in hot water over Anti-Muslim comments
Australian sports commentator and former Aussie rules football player Sam Newman has been lashed on social media following his comments on Muslim migrants, who he said have “colonized” the continent.
2018/8/23 - 19:00
Boris Johnson's burka comments condemned by Swindon Muslims
COUNCILLORS and residents in Swindon have condemned Boris Johnson for his controversial comments about women who wear full-face veils or the burka.
2018/8/11 - 02:00
Muslim mum made to 'feel like terrorist' and 'humiliated' by bus driver
A First bus driver left a Muslim woman feeling ‘embarrassed and humiliated’ after telling her to remove her face veil.
2018/8/10 - 21:15
Muslim youth thrashed, forced to shave off beard in Gurugram
Accused called him ‘Pakistani’; ۳ including hairdresser held
2018/8/3 - 18:00