Sunday, March 24, 2019
Islamophobia growing in UK: ۱ in ۳ Britons feel threatened by Muslims
More people in the UK have become wary of Islam’s growth in the country, a new poll has found, a factor that could spur more hate attacks against Muslims.
2019/2/17 - 21:04
Chicago Cubs' Muslim fans want action after team Patriarch's Islamophobic emails
Cubs fans feel betrayed after leaked emails show billionaire "Joe Ricketts knocked Islam as a thing of evil" and Muslims as "enemy." Meanwhile president of Chicago's Muslim Community Center said Joe Ricketts' apology seemed insincere. He asked the billionaire to attend a meeting with local Muslims next week.
2019/2/8 - 11:30
Muslim patrol group in New York faces backlash including far-right conspiracy theories
Community group set up to protect followers of Islam from hate crimes alarms some residents
2019/2/5 - 14:28
Racist thug kicked in man's front door then told him: Muslims need to die
A man was subjected to racist and religious abuse and threats after being disturbed in his home shortly after midnight.
2019/2/2 - 19:00
Pope Francis visits Arabia, promotes tolerance with Muslims
When Francis becomes the first pope to visit the Arabian peninsula on Sunday, he takes another important step in his efforts to build bridges with Islam and confirms interreligious dialogue as a keystone of his papacy.
2019/2/1 - 17:30
Blow for Muslim students as Supreme Court overturns ruling allowing them to wear hijabs
Supreme Court has overturned the appellate ruling allowing Muslim students to wear hijabs in non-Muslim schools.
2019/1/24 - 14:12
Four charged in plot to attack New York Muslim community
Three men and a high school student were charged with plotting to attack a rural upstate New York Muslim community named Islamberg with explosives, authorities said Tuesday.
2019/1/23 - 18:47
US Muslim family looked 'scary', banned from visiting newborn baby
The family that banned from visiting newborn baby claim they were told they would be kicked out of the hospital in US state of Virginia before staff eventually called the police.
2019/1/13 - 15:30
Racist crank who wants to be the new Tommy Robinson
James Goddard has never even bothered to conceal the ugly strand of racism that underpins his warped political agenda. The ۲۹-year-old handyman's lucrative second career as a far-Right activist kicked off in October ۲۰۱۷, when he posted a sort of personal manifesto on a virulently xenophobic website called Proactive Patriots.
2019/1/9 - 15:03
Muslim firefighter settles with NYC over firehouse treatment
A Muslim firefighter who says he was subjected to firehouse harassment over his faith and race has settled his lawsuit against New York City.
2019/1/7 - 23:00