Monday, January 21, 2019
US Muslim family looked 'scary', banned from visiting newborn baby
The family that banned from visiting newborn baby claim they were told they would be kicked out of the hospital in US state of Virginia before staff eventually called the police.
2019/1/13 - 15:30
Racist crank who wants to be the new Tommy Robinson
James Goddard has never even bothered to conceal the ugly strand of racism that underpins his warped political agenda. The ۲۹-year-old handyman's lucrative second career as a far-Right activist kicked off in October ۲۰۱۷, when he posted a sort of personal manifesto on a virulently xenophobic website called Proactive Patriots.
2019/1/9 - 15:03
Muslim firefighter settles with NYC over firehouse treatment
A Muslim firefighter who says he was subjected to firehouse harassment over his faith and race has settled his lawsuit against New York City.
2019/1/7 - 23:00
Malmö mosque hit by bullet on New Year's Eve
A shot was fired through a window at a Malmö mosque shortly after midnight on New Years’ Day, with police investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.
2019/1/2 - 23:00
Mosque in western Germany vandalized with racist slurs
Unknown attackers write racist slogans, draw star of David on a mosque wall in western Duisburg city. In recent years, Germany has seen growing Islamophobia and hatred of migrants triggered by propaganda from far-right and populist parties.
2018/12/31 - 21:30
French mayor kicks Turkish woman out from Christmas market over headscarf
A Turkish-French woman was kicked out from her Christmas market stall by Mayor of Saint-Gratien in northern France's Val-d'Oise region, local media reported on Saturday.
2018/12/22 - 19:53
Bullying, Islamophobia: How to address challenges facing young Muslims
“I don’t feel safe at school. Sometimes I say to my dad, ‘I don’t want to go to school anymore.’”
2018/12/19 - 04:00
College expelled Muslim student for wearing a Hijab
A young Muslim college student in Tennessee has been expelled from school simply for wearing a hijab, a civil rights organization said.
2018/12/14 - 19:00
Anti-Muslim attacks becoming more violent in Germany, report says
The number of attacks on Muslims and Muslim institutions in Germany has been around ۵۷۰ this year, lower than in ۲۰۱۷. However, the number of people who were injured in anti-Muslim attacks has increased, compared to ۲۰۱۷, according to German media.
2018/12/14 - 15:00
Muslim man kicked off Greyhound bus for speaking Arabic
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed a discrimination complaint with the state of Michigan after a man says he was kicked off of a Greyhound bus for speaking Arabic.
2018/12/14 - 14:23