Monday, January 22, 2018
Sadiq Khan compares Trump’s rhetoric to that of ISIL
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has compared US President Donald Trump’s rhetoric against Islam to tactics used by Daesh (ISIL) to inspire terror attacks in Western cities.
2018/1/21 - 19:35
Austria's Muslims fear being cast as threat to security
Despite a dramatic increase in the number of right-wing attacks in recent years in Austria, there was no mention of right-wing activity or fascism in the document published in late December by center-right People's Party and the far-right-wing Freedom Party of Austria.
2018/1/16 - 02:10
Parliamentary group to inspect Islamophobia in Europe
A Turkish parliamentary subcommittee will begin to investigate Islamophobic attacks targeting Muslims in Western countries.
2018/1/6 - 23:50
Play shows stereotypes about Muslims
”Unveiled,” a play written by a Pakistani British Muslim woman, depicts the negative portrayal of Hijab-wearing Muslim women post ۹/۱۱ in a bid to create dialogue amid soaring Islamophobia.
2018/1/6 - 22:00
Ayat. Noori Hamedani urges Islamic countries to act on Quran
"According to holy Quran, Muslims must not be friends with the enemy; however, some Islamic countries are serving the benefits of the Zionist Regime."//"Some Muslim nations overlook Quran and do not act according to its valuable teachings for life."
2017/12/5 - 16:55
New report: Attacks on mosques increased dramatically in Netherlands
Issued by Istanbul University, the ۲۰۱۶ Netherlands Human Rights Report said there were ۷۲ attacks on mosques in the Netherlands compared to ۲۸ attacks the year before.
2017/11/28 - 17:15
Unique project to fight against Islamophobia in Australia
Last month, the Islamophobia in Australia report suggests that there is a lack of knowledge about Islam, and Muslim community members share an equal responsibility in countering Islamophobia in the country.
2017/11/15 - 06:35
Czech Republic's tiny Muslim community subject to hate
Like its eastern neighbors, Poland and Hungary, the Czech Republic's attitude towards migrants soured in ۲۰۱۵ after an escalation of attacks in Western Europe and as the refugee crisis continued to unfold. Currently, Islam is recognized as a religion in the country, but its followers are restricted from several basic privileges enjoyed by other faiths.
2017/11/15 - 03:55
Lancashire council of Mosques criticizes county Council's Halal meat ban
The Lancashire Council of Mosques in Britain slammed the decision to stop providing meat from animals that had not been stunned before slaughter, saying it will only serve to increase Islamophobia.
2017/11/4 - 18:00
US Muslim students launch app to document Islamophobia
Facing rising anti-Islam attacks, Muslim students in US state of North Carolina have launched a new app to document Islamophobia on campus and offer support to their colleagues.
2017/10/15 - 07:05