Monday, June 25, 2018
Police in Canada inspecting arson at Alberta mosque
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Alberta, say they're investigating an arson at a mosque in a community west of Edmonton.
2018/6/18 - 22:30
Tenfold rise in attacks on Sweden mosques
Mosques in Sweden were attacked a record ۳۸ times in ۲۰۱۷, marking a tenfold increase from the previous year, a recent report showed. Also, Islamic houses of worship across Europe have endured dozens of far-right attacks, particularly since January.
2018/6/13 - 19:00
Two old Kosovo mosques to be restored
The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) will restore two Ottoman mosques — Pristina Carshia Mosque and Gazi Mehmet Pasha's Mosque — in Kosovo.
2018/6/13 - 00:00
Shots fired at New York Mosque
For the second straight year, a mosque on Alexander Avenue in the Bronx, New York, was shot at during Ramadan. // "We have to forgive this type of person because he doesn't know what he is doing," he said.
2018/6/3 - 20:20
Granada Mosque in Spain attracting Muslims in Ramadan
A mosque in Andalusian city of Granada located in southern Spain overlooking the famous Alhambra Palace is attracting more Muslims during the month of Ramadan.
2018/5/28 - 23:00
US Senator visits Alabama Mosque
US Sen. Doug Jones visited the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center on Saturday night, giving a speech to about ۲۰۰ Muslims before they broke their daytime fasting with an evening meal after sunset in observance of their holy month of Ramadan.
2018/5/28 - 01:00
Muezzin, worshiper found dead in Algeria Mosque
Two men including the muezzin, who leads and recites the call to prayer, were found murdered in a mosque in Oued Sebaa in Sidi Bel Abbes Province, west of Algeria, on Monday, the fifth day of Ramadan.
2018/5/22 - 17:00
Turkey Int’l Quran contest begins in Istanbul
The ۶th edition of Turkey’s international Quran competition got underway in a ceremony in Istanbul on Sunday.
2018/5/21 - 21:00
Muslims in Paphos, Cyprus, left with no worship space for Ramadan
Muslims in Paphos, a city on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean island country of Cyprus, are calling on authorities to speed up ongoing upgrading work in the area of the Paphos Mosque, which has almost ground to a halt.
2018/5/16 - 23:00
A mosque in Sweden certified to call for prayer
Swedish police granted a mosque permission to hold a weekly call to prayer, triggering divisions among politicians and the public, five months ahead of elections in a country which has taken in waves of asylum seekers in recent years.
2018/5/9 - 21:00