Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Muslim charity could win national award for second year in a row
A global Muslim relief charity is up for a national award for the second year in a row.
2019/2/19 - 17:28
Muslim women can rent 'wagara' hijabs to match kimonos in Kyoto
Kyoto is particularly rich with opportunities to rent kimonos, and rental shops catering to tourists continue to open around the city.
2019/2/18 - 11:29
Islamophobia growing in UK: ۱ in ۳ Britons feel threatened by Muslims
More people in the UK have become wary of Islam’s growth in the country, a new poll has found, a factor that could spur more hate attacks against Muslims.
2019/2/17 - 21:04
Open Mosque Day event in Canada
Organizers of Mosques open event hope to educate people about their faith and help reduce some of the stigma surrounding Islam. From ۱۰ a.m. to ۳ p.m. PT, people can visit participating mosques where there will be food and activities offered and they can ask questions about Islam.
2019/2/16 - 23:45
Swiss burqa ban campaigner calls for ban on Muslim prayers in public
One of the key figures behind a successful campaign to have burqas banned in the Swiss canton of Ticino now wants Muslims banned from praying in public.
2019/2/13 - 23:00
talks to Edlira Durmishaj on the rise of hijab in Albania
Reporters spoke with Edlira Durmishaj in Tirana, Albania, where she addressed the IStand۴Hijab Conference, on the subject of, “pride in hijab” and the positive impact Islam has on society and the individual.
2019/2/13 - 10:00
Chicago Cubs' Muslim fans want action after team Patriarch's Islamophobic emails
Cubs fans feel betrayed after leaked emails show billionaire "Joe Ricketts knocked Islam as a thing of evil" and Muslims as "enemy." Meanwhile president of Chicago's Muslim Community Center said Joe Ricketts' apology seemed insincere. He asked the billionaire to attend a meeting with local Muslims next week.
2019/2/8 - 11:30
Swedish Muslim convert faces threats, insults
National footballer of Sweden's U۱۹ Women team converted to Islam after meeting Turkish Muslim boy
2019/2/6 - 18:00
Hunt for phone robber who hit teenage worshipper inside UK mosque
UK Police are investigating after a teenager was hit over the head with a metal bar and robbed inside a Birmingham mosque. West Midlands Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them urgently.
2019/2/5 - 21:00
Reporting on Trump as a Muslim American woman: 'The facts are our most important tools'
The Guardian’s US political reporter Sabrina Siddiqui reflects on Trump’s ‘reality TV presidency’ and the challenges of covering immigration in this climate.
2019/2/2 - 23:00