Sunday, November 18, 2018
Entire village converts to Islam in the Philippines
A team of enthusiastic Muslims cooperating with the UK-based Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA) has witnessed a miracle on Sunday, November ۱۱, with an entire village in the Philippines converting to Islam.
2018/11/12 - 23:30
Rename your Muslim leaders: Yogi ally to BJP
Minister calls out Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath's penchant to rename cities, says it is a bid to divert attention from job crisis and poverty
2018/11/11 - 20:49
Muslim community denied right to use house as place of worship
Members of the Shia Muslim community have been refused permission to use an field house as a place of worship.
2018/11/11 - 14:46
Pittsburgh Shooting: Muslim Non-Profit raised $۲۴۰,۰۰۰ to help
A Muslim nonprofit which spreads message about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has raised nearly $۲۴۰,۰۰۰ in days for Jewish victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Knox News reported.
2018/11/9 - 23:00
International Union of Muslim scholars rejects normalisation with Israel
The International Union of Muslim Scholars called on Thursday to reject the normalisation categorically with the Israeli entity.
2018/11/9 - 16:00
Muslim woman fired sues US Walmart for discrimination
A Muslim woman fired last year from a West Knoxville Walmart in US is suing the retail giant in federal court for religious discrimination and retaliation.
2018/11/9 - 13:18
Former Muslim street beggar opens two schools, orphanage
A former Indian Muslim street beggar and rickshaw driver has opened an orphanage and two schools with a vision to never deprive children of the right to education.
2018/11/5 - 23:30
A group of Indonesian Muslims visits Razavi shrine
An Indonesian group from members of Ahlulbayt World Assembly came to the pilgrimage of Imam Reza’s (A.S.) Holy Shrine today’s noon, concurrent with last ten days of Safar.
2018/11/5 - 22:00
Debate arises over Islamic classes in Germany
The argument of whether Islam belongs to Germany has re-erupted in Bavaria, the most populous German state, after the last elections on October ۱۴ which was dominated by the Islamophobic party AfD, or Alternative for Germany.
2018/11/5 - 02:00
Uttar Pradesh police officer abusing, hitting Muslim woman with stick goes viral; probe ordered
Uttar Pradesh police personnel abusing and beating a burqa-clad woman with a stick has gone viral.
2018/11/4 - 14:44